Keeping Your Zen Over the Festive Period

Christmas can be a pretty busy time for us, particularly if you are hosting, cooking or organising any event or the big day itself. Even if (like me!) you get to take the backseat in family matters, there are still lots of things to think about and we can all be left a little frazzled. Trying to get all the gift buying finished (check out Thursday’s post for my easy-peasy wellness gift guide!), cook you share of festive foods and squeezing in a trip to the gym, only to find that it’s shut under it’s Christmas opening hours…. it can all get a bit much! To make the next few weeks a little smoother ride, here are my five tips to keeping your zen over Christmas:

Five tips to keeping calm and stress-free over Christmas. Wellness post via @eleanormayc

1. List, list, list
Chances are, you are going to have a lot to get done in a short space of time and really don’t want, to quote The Waitresses, “forgot cranberries too?” or anything else vital for that matter. If there is any time in the year to dust off the notebooks and get scribbling, now is it. Separate lists categorically such as people to buy gifts for, any external orders that need making, store cupboard ingredients, etc. Alternatively, try listing by the day/time that the task needs to be done now. This is especially useful for any jobs that need that need doing on Christmas day.

2. Communicate and share jobs
Checking up on each other to make sure that everyone is happy is so important, yet easily overlooked. Christmas is about one another after all! If someone looks like they could do with a hand, offer it. Likewise, delegate tasks as needed to give yourself peace of mind. My friends and I are making a Christmas dinner before we all go our separate ways for Christmas. We have a few different dietary needs, so are all chipping in the cost, making a dish each and then sharing it all together.

Five tips to keeping calm and stress-free over Christmas. Wellness post via @eleanormayc

3. Make time for yoga and mindfulness
You didn’t think that you were going to get away without a recommendation for yoga did you? Taking the time to breath and give yourself some time to yourself. The flowing movements are perfect for loosening and stretching stiff muscles and bringing you back to the present. However, if you prefer, take the time for meditation or mindfulness practice. Guided practices are perfect for dipping your toe in if you are uncertain. I like to count my thanks as it really grounds me when I’m sweating the small stuff.

4. Sweat it out
Gym attendance can take a hit in December, but do try to make the effort to lace up your trainers and do some exercise, even if it is new to your, or your existing practice has dropped. Half an hour or an hour of running, lifting, cycling, or whatever else gets your muscles working and endorphins pumping is perfect. Feeling like something new? Try boxing. This sport is perfect for punching out any frustrations. If the ring is a little scary, look to see if your gym offers coaching or a class. You don’t have to exclusively do tough workouts either -winter walks are the best thing to break up indoor days and get some crisp, fresh air.

Five tips to keeping calm and stress-free over Christmas. Wellness post via @eleanormayc

5. Let go
Ultimately, you are in control of how you respond to the emotions and situation around you. Christmas isn’t about perfection, far from it. My best tip? Take things as they come, remember to smile and have a good time. Disasters do occur with power cuts and burnt turkeys to name a few. At the end of the day, almost all hiccups really don’t matter. You have the resilience to overcome any obstacle in your way, and a group of loved ones to offer support.

I hope these tips helped to give you a blissful Christmas!

Stock photos from PicJumbo.