Inspiration: Besma of Curiously Conscious

It is always a pleasure to come across fellow bloggers with a keen sense of looking after the environment as well as themselves -taking a really holistic approach to wellbeing. One such blogger is Besma of Curiously Conscious. If you don’t already follow Besma, you are in for a treat. She shares recipes and reviews of everything from whole food supplements to planet friendly skincare. Think of her as your one-stop guide for everything sustainable and beautiful. Besma kindly agreed to be interviewed as part of my Inspiration series. Read on to find out more:

Interview with Curiously Conscious, a health and sustainability blog via @eleanormayc

You mention on your blog that your interest in living sustainably and eating started when living Paris. In what other ways has the French culture influenced how you live and eat?
There are a number of key differences I picked up when living in Paris – the main contrast was realising that nobody ever snacks. You’ll also never see a French person on the metro eating a baguette or walking down the street chowing down on a crêpe either – mealtimes are almost sacred in that there is a core focus on food rather than food is an addition to a hectic lifestyle, as is the way in the UK. Mindful eating has come to reflect some of that – food is an enjoyable activity, both in preparation and consumption, and I definitely enjoy eating what I make to the full!
In what ways do you like to get active?
Yoga is my number one fitness activity – I’ve actually only ever practiced at home, starting with a DVD and moving on to YouTube channels. However, I’m also a keen runner, and right now I’m going to the gym to avoid the cold weather and also begin to use weights to tone up.
Have you come across a brand that has stood out to you above and beyond for it’s Earth-friendly approach?
There are so many great brands out there! I recently purchased a Sukin cleanser and was really happy to learn that the company is carbon neutral, as well as using only recycled materials for its packaging and cruelty-free natural ingredients in the cleanser itself. Brands that make so many positive choices like that will always be rated highly by me!
Do you have any tips for eating in season foods without getting bored come the winter and early spring?
Seasonal eating is always a fun way to mix up your meals – right now, gourds(squashes and pumpkins) make up a big part of my meals as they’re so ripe and delicious round this time of year. As we do make our way into winter, it’s actually appropriate that stodgier plant-based foods are abundant too, as that’s what our bodies are craving, but to mix things up I’d suggest stocking up on great herbs and spices. They always change things up!
What do you like most about living in London? Anything that you would change?
London is great in that there’s so much to do, especially in the way of healthy options – there are juice bars practically everywhere! As I live on the outskirts I luckily have a balance between countryside and urban building blocks, but I would like to see more of a relaxed side to London – I’ve found it’s not quite as becoming as Paris in that parks are not as frequent, or are even locked to the general public, you can’t sit by the waters edge and have a picnic, things like that. Perhaps I just need to explore a little more!
Have you always been interested in healthy living?
No, not at all – my first two years at university were spent eating a lot of pizza and ice cream! But I’m glad I’ve found a happy balance now, I don’t think I could have sustained that kind of diet and kept fit too.
Where is your must-see travel destination?
To narrow it down to one place is so painful! I really want to visit New Zealand someday, although I’d rather not take a plane anywhere anymore.
Who, or what, inspires you the most?
The online healthy living community, definitely. If I’m not in the mood to write, I’ll only have to read through a few of my favourite blogs to find something that makes me all a-buzz again!
Name a favourite healthy meal.
Right now it’s my pumpkin stew – one pumpkin can make around six portions for me, so I’ve pretty much always got a batch in my fridge.
Finally, what makes you happiest?

A shared connection with another person in regards to healthy living. Whether it’s a lovely blog comment, or a friend recommending a product, or my mum asking me how to cook quinoa – I love the feeling of spreading positivity!

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