Inspiration: Phoebe Greenacre

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Phoebe Greenacre of Wood and Luxe, a travel blog focussed on all things healthy and luxurious. Phoebe has spent ten years working in digital marketing for travel brands, meaning that she has visited and explored a huge array of countries. She’s also a total yogi with a nose for finding a class or studio wherever she is. To keep up with Phoebe, head to her stunning Instagram page. Be warned, you’ll be desperate for a holiday after scrolling through!

You travel for work. Where did you wake up today? Today I woke in rainy London! But yesterday I woke up in Marbella & next week I will wake up in Croatia.

What tips would you give to people wishing to travel more, particularly in terms of budgeting? Prioritise your spending. What do you want more? The new pair of yoga leggings, your hair dyed or a return flight to Portugal? If you live to travel, you will want to put that first in your list of priorities. Find other ways to spice up your wardrobe!

Phoebe Greenacre, Wood and Luxe, SUP Yoga

What would you say your favourite type of holiday is- walking, beach, city break? 
Ah this is a hard one as I love loads of different active holidays. I always love to be outdoors & amongst nature. It will definitely be skiing for the winter months & sailing in the summer months. I went sailing with MedSailors this year to Greece & Turkey and it was so much fun! Not a worry in the world, sailing around secluded bays, swimming with turtles  and sleeping on the boat beneath the stars. I love keeping active on my holidays and there is always something outdoorsy to do when sailing. Paddleboarding, swimming & SUP yoga a few of my favourites! 
You mention your love of yoga on your website. When given the option do you have a favourite style, and why?
I’m currently studying to be a vinyasa yoga teacher so I do find myself practicing the vinyasa style. Other than vinyasa, I love yin yoga & also yoga Nidra. These types of yoga help me to balance stress when living in London. 

Phoebe Greenacre, Wood and Luxe, Yoga

Do you have any tips for eating healthily whilst in another country?
I try to stick to a high protein & low carb diet when traveling. But I’m all about balance and trying new things. If you’re going to try a local delicacy, just do it in small amounts. 

Have you always been interested in healthy living?

Healthy living has always been at the heart of everything I do. I was brought up with a very strict vegetarian eating habits at home and pretty much nothing came from a packet. I also danced from the age of 5-21 so keeping fit was a priority. My mum is the one to thank for all my good eating habits & introducing me to healthy exercise. I started going to the gym and yoga with her from the age of 15. Things like kale & almond milk were never foreign to me which was a blessing. However, growing up I now appreciate my upbringing so much more. 
Where is your must-see travel destination?
I have so many! I’m up to 38 countries so it’s hard to narrow it down. I’ll break it down to beach & mountains & monument.
Beach:  This year I visited Kefalonia in Greece which blew my mind. It has beautiful greenery, gorgeous mountains for hiking and some of the most prettiest beaches I’ve ever seen. And growing up in Australia, I’ve seen my fair share. 

My favourite mountains are in the south of Germany just two hours outside of Munich. We went hiking for the bank long weekend and the scenery was bliss! It was a beautiful area called Berchtesgaden national park. I will definitely be going back to these two places in the future. 

Hands down it would have to be the Taj Mahal in India. I was gobsmacked by the grand majestic-ness of the structure, energy and vibe of this place. Definitely a must-see in your lifetime.

Phoebe Greenacre, Wood and Luxe, Taj Mahal

Who, or what, inspires you the most?
On a business level it would have to be Tim Ferris. I read his book The Four Hour work week in 2010 and never looked at the 9-5 job the same again. Read it! It won’t let you down. 

On an entrepreneur level – Lisa Messenger is my go-to for inspiration. She is the author & publisher of The CollectiveMagazine. Her book Daring & Disruptive is amazing for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business. And her other book Life & Love is so inspiring about living a life you love & also finding love and working on it everyday.

On a yoga level, it would have to be Rachel Brathen aka @yoga_girl from Instagram. Her mission to share yoga with the world & build an encouraging and strong supportive community is something I’d like to replicate one day. Living in Aruba, teaching yoga & SUP & traveling the world is a dream! 

Phoebe Greenacre, Wood and Luxe, Germany Berchtesgaden

Name a favourite healthy meal. 
My go-to healthy meal is grilled Salmon, steamed greens & sweet potatoes. 

Finally, what makes you happiest?
A packed suitcase, passport in hand & about to embark on an adventure with my partner, friends or family. 

To add to that I’m most happiest when I’m appreciated. Whether that be by my marketing clients, my yoga students or just my boyfriend saying thank you for making dinner. It’s the little things that make me happy.