Review: The Yoga Collective

The Yoga Collective, home practice, vinyasa, review

More and more of us are getting hooked on yoga, which is an really great thing. Unfortunately, due to studio costs, or class availability, keeping your practice up can be hard, especially when your home practice hasn’t developed. There are some really great YouTube videos and tutorials out there (check out Jayne Becca’s channel for some great vinyasa flows!). But it can be tricky to delve through all through videos, especially when you don’t know who is properly qualified.

Luckily, there are a few great subscription services out there. One of them is The Yoga Collective, a website designed so as to feel as though the yoga studio is being brought to you. The Yoga Collective has an in-house group of yoga teachers, each with a different expertise and specialism. With HD videos in student-filled classes, the experience is really authentic, almost like being in a real class. All classes are filmed in The Yoga Collective’s own Venice Beach studio, giving the videos a really consistent theme. You can search classes by difficulty, teacher, class length, yoga style or body focus. This has been really useful, and have found myself coming back to a couple of teachers and particular classes.

Whilst there isn’t the variety or sheer amount of videos as other websites such as Grokker, the library is expanding, and with the Yoga Collective, you know that you will be getting consistently high quality videos. One perk, is that I haven’t had any slow, or even crashing videos as I have experienced   on other sites -a total nightmare when trying to follow a yoga flow!  With the exception of a section of recipes, The Yoga Collective is completely focussed on yoga -again, meaning less variety, but better focus.

The actual cost of The Yoga Collective varies as to whether you subscribe monthly or yearly. A monthly cost works out at about £7.90, and the annual subscription is slightly cheaper, equating to £7.13 per month. Based on this, I would recommend paying monthly rather than the full £86 for the whole year. With some individual classes costing upwards of £5, even £10, this subscription works out as pretty reasonable.

If you really want to improve your home practice, or get more classes in without spending over the odds, I would really recommend giving a subscription service like the Yoga Collective a try! Have you tried The Yoga Collective or similar?