Om Yoga Magazine: Get Outdoors

One of the things that I love about yoga is that it pairs so well with a host of other activities. Whilst other sports and hobbies tend to promote themselves, yoga can be both a standalone activity, or used to support others. For example, runners benefit from yoga as it opens up stiff hips and works the arms that are utilised less on runs. Anxiety and stress disorders can be relieved by the meditative aspect of yoga. So, I was really pleased to see the Ordnance Survey’s #GetOutside campaign being mentioned.

I love going on walks and being outside. Despite practicing yoga, going running and lifting weights at the gym, it is often when on a run that I feel my strongest and healthiest. There’s something about conquering hills and scrambling down rocks that makes me feel alive. And, it seems, I’m not the only one.

TV presenter and wildlife expert Steve Backshall is an OS Champion, and is helping to front the #GetOutside campaign, which aims to encourage the British public to become more active in the great outdoors. With cars becoming increasingly relied upon, it is thought that most people in the UK won’t walk anywhere that takes over 15 minutes, and 70% of us won’t walk to the shops.

If you are really keen, there is also a competition being run: if you love being outside and want to encourage others to do so, send a 250 word piece to explaining why you should become an OS Champion. Include any social media links, and two photos of yourself; one head and shoulders shot; one activity shot. The winners will take part in a photoshoot and a range of activities for the next year. On top of that, you could have access to a selection of OS products and cash sponsorship.

Walking is so basic to humans, and brings so many benefits. Even a brief walk around the park helps to clear the mind, and loosen up any stiffness from a day sat down at a desk. If you haven’t already seen it, read my post here about moorland walks and see just how beautiful your local patch can be.

Next time you’re going from A to B try this: mindful walking. Just like when meditating or in Shavasana, stay in the present moment. Acknowledge thoughts as they come into your head, and then let them go. Be aware of the sights, smells and breeze as you move. You may notice things that you have previously walked straight past.

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