Inspiration: Jayne Becca Yoga

Today I am talking to the lovely Jayne of Jayne Becca Yoga. Jayne is a Vinyasa yoga teacher, and since qualifying, has taken on a host of teaching positions and started leading successful yoga retreats. She is the go-to lady in the health blogging community for any questions about yoga, and has partnered up with fellow teachers and brands to bring her readers and students exciting collaborations and competitions. You can find Jayne’s website and blog here, or subscribe to her YouTube channel for regular yoga flow classes.

What first drew you to yoga? 

I was first drawn to yoga many, many years ago when I was a teenager. I grew up in Cumbria in the North West of the UK – there we not any yoga classes around, the internet was just coming into circulation (hello dial up!) so there was no such thing as online yoga videos, so I had these little flash card type things and I just did a few poses in my room, not really knowing what I was doing! Fast forward a few years and I was in Bristol doing yoga in my front room. I didn’t go to an actual class for a long time, simply because I was super shy, suffered with anxiety (cold sweat, raised heart rate) if I did something out of my comfort zone. One day something changed, I stepped into a class at my local leisure centre and never looked back.  

You are a vinyasa teacher. What do you like about that style of yoga?

I love that my practice is always so varied and that translates into the way that I teach. Vinyasa flow can be fast, slow, dynamic and sweaty but above all it’s very heartfelt and mindful. I truly believe that people should move in a way that feels good to them, from the inside, not judging themselves on how they look from the outside. I have tried a few different styles of yoga and I find them too regimented for me. I love the freedom of vinyasa flow. Every single day is a different day, a different practice. Every time you step on your mat you should check in with yourself and ask – what do I need in my body today? That’s the beauty of vinyasa flow. 

Have you always been interested in healthy living? 

From as long as I can remember I have been interested in healthy living. At times I admit it was an unhealthy obsession. I used to pour over copies of Zest magazine in my teenage years, wondering how I could get the perfect body. My own issues with body image is something I still often need to work on every single day – yoga and meditation help! I was also super active when I was growing up, I was a county cross country runner and I loved my horses, I grew up through Pony Club and Riding Club and I am so so grateful to my parents for allowing me to do those things and have such a healthy interest in health and fitness when I was growing up. 

Aside from yoga, do you like to keep healthy in any other way?

I like to run. I used to run a whole lot but I found that it took it’s toll on my body, so I’m all about the shorter distances nowadays! I also love walking, getting out into the fresh air. 

What inspired you to turn yoga into a career?

I was in a job which was secure but boring. It was never my calling. It took me a little time to find it but my calling is yoga. I love to share yoga with people, connect to people and help them along their own journey. It was actually a post from Rachel Brathen in December 2013 that spurred me to do my teacher training. I took that leap, opened my heart and from there things just got crazy. I found classes to teach pretty much straight away and just decided why the hell not?! I handed in my notice about a month after returning from my teacher training and never looked back. 

Where is your must-see travel destination?

I have been to Crete and I would love to see more of Greece. I would also love to visit Lake Como in Italy and of course the Caribbean – the world is just so big and there are so many places to go! 

What, or who, inspires you the most?

My students inspire me. Everyone who steps up to the mat and comes to class inspires me every single day. 

As well as the physical aspect of yoga, wellbeing and diet is important. Do you have a favourite healthy meal?

I LOVE food! I am obsessed with green juices which isn’t really a healthy meal as such, more of a healthy drink I guess. 

What is your favourite asana?

It depends on the mood I am in that day. I am very handstand orientated at the moment and I am practising every single day but I also love a good supine supported heart opener. It’s a great way to begin a practice – to open the heart. 

Finally, what makes you happiest?

I am very much a home kind of person. I love the simple things in life – spending time with my boyfriend, a healthy breakfast and a good sweaty, heartfelt yoga practice.